Relationship Counselling


Every person has an emotional relating style. Emotions arise in all relationships.  It is when individuals begin to negotiate in relationships emotional tension starts to build due to conflicting styles.  How an individual deals with this tension and their attempts to create the relief through change affects how they are feeling in the relationship.


Often in life couples experience difficulties and this effects their;


  • Ability to communicate

  • How the couple make decisions together

  • Their sense of commitment to each other

  • Shuts down intimacy

  • Shuts down their sex life


My practice specialises in Relationship issues Couples and Individuals face, by helping them to understand and discuss;


  • How the relationship got in the position it is in

  • How the couple feel about each other

  • Explore how the couple can get back on track

  • Reaffirm and develop new agreements and decisions


In a safe environment we work towards creating an outcome where the parties have a sense of resolve.

Kym offers all her counselling services online. However, a face to face service can be offered with an additional cost to cover expenses.