Parenting Issues

Parenting Coach


Parenting is one of the most difficult roles in our forever changing society. The transition to parenting and raising a healthy family is often recognised as a challenging time where we are constantly learning how to juggle family, couple and individual needs. Sometimes this mix becomes out of balance and out of sync with our family needs.


 Some indicators of this occurring are:


  • Questioning and unsure of your parental decisions

  • Disagreements and arguments with your partner regarding parenting decisions

  • Feeling always that you have no time for you

  • Not having any time for your relationship

  • Feeling tired and not enjoying family occasions


While Parenting Styles are often associated with different child outcomes, however, there are other important aspects including the child’s perception of parental treatment, step parenting, blended families, culture, social influence and the parental alliance which can have an effect.


My aims for Parents/Carers are:


  • They will develop an understanding of their parenting style.

  • Explore how their parenting styles are impacting on their child’s development.

  • Learn and develop other disciplinary strategies linked to child developmental stages.

  • Explore the impact of Step parents/ other carers/family of origin is having on their parenting style.

  • Learn and develop how to balance family, couple and individual needs.


My Parenting Coach Service is offered face to face, however I also offer Skype, Google hangout and face time for people unable to obtain childcare, live in remote areas or have special needs.